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When I was in high school, biology is the lesson I loved with all my heart.

When I apply college after Entrance Examination, I choose Biotechnology as my major without a second thought.

It was very difficult for Biotechnology undergraduates to find a job then. Half of my classmates chose to attend graduate school. A quarter engaged in some other industry unrelated to biology. The last quarter occupied in biology-related work. I belong to the last group for my passion in Biotechnology.

I started to work as a technician in Acetar Bio-Tech Inc. in May 2005. Acetar was newly established at that time, General Manager Liu Kaihua led us in the way of start-up. Then with the developing of our company, I chose to be a salesperson.

Mr Liu taught me how to do business, and more importantly, how to be a person. He is my guide in plant extract industry and mentor in the business world. I pay deep respect to him all my life.

In the year of 2011, I left Acetar due to some personal reason. To express thanks to Mr Liu’s help all these years, I promised that I would not set company of my own in two years. During this period of time, I systematically learned plant extract history and technology abroad. I thought again and again about how to do plant extract business with the help of internet.

After two years’ investigation, I founded Plamed. Cooperating with foreign manufacturing base, We introduced Nattokinase from Taiwan and Yucca saponins from American to mainland China.

At the same time, I was thinking about owning a product series which can represents Plamed. After a year’s testing of hundreds of cinnamon bark raw material from hundreds of places, we developed the processing technology of Cinnamon Polyphenols, Cinnamon Oleoresin, Cinnamon essential oil and Cinnamaldehyde for feed additive purpose. The series are well accepted by more and more customers.

What we want to do is not the supermarket of plant extracts, but the specialist of all kinds of cinnamon extract. Most suppliers can produce cinnamon extract, however, as for price and quality, there is no one who can compete with us.

Plamed operates very well after two years of fighting. The idea of building a brand in the industry of plant extraction rose again in my mind.

Due to various of medicinal raw material in Qinling Mountains, Shannxi is one of the birthplaces of plant extract industry, which made Shannxi very famous in 1990s. Among nearly 600 companies which specialize in the business of plant extract, 90% of them are Medium-sized enterprises. This situation leads to vicious competition and wasting of resources. To from a brand, we should, first of all, have a industry association who can regulate the competition and reassign resources. The idea of setting up an Association was approved by most of the bosses in this industry, including some respectable seniors, such as , Director Xu Haiqin from XI'AN XIAOCAO BOTANICAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD and CEO Shen Zhigang from Xi 'an Honson Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

After a year’s preparing, at the end of year 2015, Shannxi Plant Extract Association was finally established. I was honored to be appointed as the Secretary General for the first session.

When the plant extract Association was set up, I thought, how can we find the real and valuable phytochemistry suppliers fast and make our own brand belt ? Only when have our own industry belt, a valuable enterprise can formed.

In the January of 2016, we developed the plant extract platform by ourselves. We formed a website zhitiren for plant value extract has been used.
The position of platform: The true factory, and we start to select the high quality suppliers and authenticate the quality of the vraisemblance. In order to help the friends find the true factory easily, we make a search function in Wechat to search for the high quality factory. We became unique because doing this was an industry first.

Two months into the establishment of the company, the background query surpassed our expectation.It quickly became the most popular platform in this industry! With the more factory we authenticated, more and more queries have been searched every day.
I start to think how to make the rule under the association to build the palmed brand and how to use the platform of the zhitiren for the palmed brand. Only when we created our own brand, the other suppliers can have their own brand possibly
The team told me that the only way for us to make the brand is create the worth carefully and we spread the values from the platform.
After the serious discussion, we separated the I.T. team from the Plamed Green Science Limited and we established the independent E-Commerce Company
I still lead the technology team of the Plamed Green Science Limited. My work includes making the nattokinase, arbutin, yucca ,cinnamon extract and red yeast rice. In addition, we will spread every process we made through the platform
   I am very fortunate,because I didn’t diverge the biotechnology distract.
My co-workers said that when the industry insider accept the value of the careful of the Plamed Green Science Limited, the new brand will be formed. They said, “The advertisement time was over, it is now time to spread through word of mouth. If you want to build a brand in the world, the only way you can do that is to make quality products and user experience excellent. This includes the product, the plant extract themselves and the cooperation experience of the customers
In the 2016.Plamed green team declared, “NEW PLAMED, NEW FUTURE”
   Our Promise: You can rely on your testing results and if the result is not true, we will refund your money
We Follow Three Theories: Save time, do not worry and relax. We also built a serious of evaluation system to verify results.
In order to develop a positive relationship with Plamed Green People, We implement product manager investment system, every production manager is the head of product sales, and also is the product investors.
We believe that the Plamed Green People can create very high quality products.
I have experienced so much,the more clearly career route I have found:do the best health food forever in the rest of my life
We also set up the belief at the Plamed Green: Let the healthy food become the countryman’s belief again.






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